KMO '2010

Fifth International KMO Conference

Roles and challenges of knowledge management
in innovation for services and products

18-19th May, 2010
Betekints Hotel and Conference Center Veszprém, Hungary

Knowledge is increasingly recognized as the most important resource in organizations and a key differentiating factor in business today. It is increasingly being acknowledged that Knowledge Management (KM) can bring about the much needed innovation and improved business performance in organisations. Knowledge management plays a crucial role in the development of sustainable competitive advantage through innovation whether in products or services.  Although much has been written about product innovations, there is very little research in service innovation. The service sector now dominates the economies of the developed world. Service innovation is fast becoming the key driver of socio-economic, academic and commercial research attention.  

One of the main drivers that shapes services and service organizations is the increasing intensity of knowledge in services, and the impact of information and communication (ICT) technologies on them. Because knowledge in knowledge-intensive services is typically located in product, service or both, it is important to collect, store, modify, update and distribute it in a way that would provide value for the clients. 

Understanding knowledge as a key resource for innovation can be seen as a knowledge management problem. Although there are several perspectives on Knowledge Management, they all share the same core components, namely: People, Processes and Technology. Some take a techno-centric focus, in order to enhance knowledge integration and creation; others adopt an organizational focus, in order to optimize organization design and workflows. Many take an ecological focus, where the important aspects are related to people interaction, knowledge and environmental factors as a complex adaptive system similar to a natural ecosystem.

The fifth International Conference on Knowledge Management in Organizations (KMO) aims at providing an international forum for authors to present and discuss research focused on the role of knowledge management for innovative solutions in industries, as well as to shed light on recent advances in knowledge-intensive service systems for organizations. The scientific objective of the conference is to identify challenging problems on the role of knowledge management on designing innovative product service systems, as well as to identify future directions research for the role of knowledge management in service innovation in academia and industrial sectors.

This conference calls for papers that offer provocative, insightful, and novel ways of developing   innovative  systems through  a better understanding of the role that knowledge management  plays.

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